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 Hailing from the dwindling, bleak suburbs of Medford,MA I had always been an aesthetically inspired adolescent. By the age of 7, I had been scrawling out fairy tales on stacks of yellow notepads and daydreaming of lavish,vibrant storybook worlds. When questioned what I wanted to be when I was older, I always, without a thought, answered "a writer". Throughout my tretcherous elementary/ middle/high school years my teachers had always gushed and raved about my prodigy-like abilities to turn a phrase. While my peers were musicially inclined, or had artistic expertise, writing was the only thing I always felt that I was proficient at.


As the years went on, I struggled with severe mental health issues, specifically OCD, which impaired my linguistic talents and made it painstakingly difficult to create. Essays continue to haunt me, I dreaded even composing this bio. However, in recent time, I have been immensely moved by cinematography, photography, art, and design. David Lynch's dreamy aesthetics of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet moved me, I wanted to construct something just as utopian as the worlds he devised. Another director that motivates me to create is Gregg Araki, his films are quite bizarre, focusing on teenage doomsday concepts, littered with visually pleasing scenes.



In addition to writing, photography, and interior design, I have always been enamored with fashion and makeup. Every day is a shiny and new improvised "look", I like to view the world as my very own runway of sorts. My sky high platform shoes and skirts glimmering with iridescent material are near and dear to me. If I don't get at least 20 strange looks and glares at my appearance per day, I do not feel like I have done my job as a person, you know?


I haul myself to Barnes and Noble frequently and religiously read fashion inclined magazines like Dazed and i-D. My brain has recently been laden with pipe dreams of becoming a creative director for a magazine like that.  Venturing to New York multiple times in the past year has given me all of the sudden impulse I need to start devising my future.



I do not have a solid career plan in mind just yet, but I aspire to make an impact somehow, whether if it's showing off my newest mind boggling neon goth haven art installation in Paris, or styling models for a prestigious indie magazine, living with friends in some cramped apartment in Brooklyn.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.